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Outdoor Connex?

Introducing Outdoor Connex – our brand NEW range of versatile and modular outdoor dining structures designed to help you expand your capacity and make the most of your on or off-street dining space all year round. Paired with the market-leading Ziptrak® blind system, you can transform any open area into a premium dining experience, come rain or shine.

We have stock readily available, so contact us today to see how we can help enhance your dining area with our innovative solution.

How Your Business Will Benefit with Outdoor Connex

Modular structure that can be expanded and reduced in size.

Additional seating capacity all year round.

Complete weather protection:

Ziptrak® blinds offer climate comfort and sanctuary from the elements.

Strong and versatile:

Built to last and can be used in temporary and semi-permanent environments


Structurally certified and designed to not require a DA submission (circumstances may vary)

Stocked and ready for delivery

Supporting local industries:

Designed, manufactured and fabricated in Australia


Size: 3.2 x 6.2m *Structures can be connected to expand by Width and length (i.e., turn a 6x3m into a 6x6m or 12x3m)

Seating: 14-16 people

Blinds: Full enclosure achieved through six Ziptrak® blinds (3m wide x 2.4m drop)

Warranty: Limited product warranty includes 15 years for frame

4 Ways Outdoor Connex can

Help your Business Thrive

1. A Reason for your customers

Unfavorable weather conditions and extreme temperatures can deter potential customers from dining outdoors. However, with Outdoor Connex, you can provide your customers with 100% weather protection, climate control, and privacy all year round.

2. Make the most of all space available.

Transform any outdoor space that’s rendered unusable by bad weather with an Outdoor Connex structure paired with Ziptrak® blinds. This innovative solution allows you to offer an additional 14-16 seats in any weather condition, maximising your capacity and revenue potential. Plus, the Outdoor Connex range is structurally certified and typically doesn’t require a DA submission (although circumstances may vary), ensuring a quick and easy installation process.

3. Crowds create trends, and trends create crowds.

Across the globe, eating districts are embracing a new trend of on-street dining experiences with outdoor structures. Capitalise on the demand for a year-round, casual yet cosy outdoor dining experience that offers respite from the heat in summer, warmth in winter, and protection from the elements.

4. Impress your customers with a desirable look and experience.

We all know that “we eat with our eyes,” and the look of a restaurant is a big factor in choosing where to dine. With Outdoor Connex, you can capture attention and attract customers with its sleek and contemporary design, while ensuring durability and stability. Our structures are made of high-quality, proven, and durable Australian materials and come with a comprehensive product warranty for added confidence.

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